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     “My daughter loves Tumble Gym because it is fun and she gets to do gymnastics and play on the bars.  I love Tumble gym because it is so much more.  It is integrated learning; colors, numbers and pre-reading all mixed with ball handling, obstacle courses, balance and coordination skills.  Coach Val is amazing with all the children, they learn so much each class and have a ball doing it.”
                                                                                              - Elizabeth C. from Savannah

mother and child

Building more than Muscles!

  • physical coordination (running, jumping, climbing)
  • strength, balance, agility
  • eye-hand coordination and ball handling skills
  • basic tumbling & gymnastics skills
  • social skills
  • confidence
  • sharing and teamwork
Our inclusive classes utilize physical activity to promote other learning and development. Children are taught and practice various physical skills while incorporating age-appropriate cognitive development (colors, shapes, language, math concepts, etc) music and songs, obstacle courses, and group games fill our class time with FUN and encourage social development as well.

Wiggle Worms 

30 mins/week
walkers - 2 yrs
by adult


45 mins/wk
2 to 3 yrs
by adult

Bumble Bees

60 mins/week
3 to 4 yrs


60 mins/week
4 to 6 yrs




60 mins/week
6 to 8 yrs
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